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Australian OTH Community

Australian One Tree Hill Community
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All Members , Moderated

Please read the following rules before you join, there aren't many!

[1] This is an Australian Community, so you must be Australian or be living in Australia.

[2] This should go without saying, but only post things related to One Tree Hill.

[3] If you post any spoilers, use an lj cut! This includes show reviews as OTH is shown at different times throughout Australia.

This is an lj cut: <*lj-cut> Yada Yada Yada <*/lj-cut>
[Take out the stars]

[4] Feel free to post any graphics, icons, etc as long as they are about One Tree Hill.

[5] Promoting allowed, as long as it is OTH related.

[6] Enjoy!!!

jazzling and lifebeforeme

Please comment to a mod's post to affiliate.