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[ Posted 18/01/07 | 22:07 ]

enjoy one tree hill

OTH Cast Interviews [ Posted 31/12/06 | 15:06 ]

Recently my online magazine, Starry Constellation Magazine, conducted interviews with some of the cast members from One Tree Hill. They include Lee Norris, Barry Corbin and Barbara Alyn Wood. If you'd like to check out our interviews, please click the links below:

Barbara Alyn Wood

Lee Norris

Barry Corbin

If you know of any sites or forums to post these links, please feel free to post them up. However, we prefer that you do not post up the content from these interviews. If you want to post something, please post the links.
enjoy one tree hill

Anyone know how to get hold of OTH S4 eps? [ Posted 28/12/06 | 15:54 ]

If you're not comfortable talking bout the D-word (*whispers* downloads) here, mail me, cos I'm dying to see S4 and can't hold out for the dvd release.
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[ Posted 12/12/06 | 16:12 ]
[ mood | good ]

hey i am not sure if this is of any help to anyone One Tree Hill the first season is on Austar Television at 12.00pm, so far it is up to the third episode so yay, as is said i don't know if this helps anyone but i just thought i'd mention it


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hey [ Posted 09/12/06 | 16:56 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi my name is chrissy, i am totally annoyed that one tree hill was taken off channel ten after they left it on long enough to get your interest and then took it away just to see how many people they could annoy but anyway, austar then decided to screen the first series of the show and leave me hanging, so what else could i do, i bought season one and two on ebay and am watching them now.

i cant get over how much i love this show and the music, i guess i am just obsessed over silly things but its all good, hey just wanted to say hi anyway!!

enjoy one tree hill

[ Posted 12/10/06 | 10:50 ]

These are free to take, but remember:
- to comment
- textless icons are not bases

04 One Tree Hill


see more
enjoy one tree hill

IT'S BACK ON CHANNEL 10 AGAIN! [ Posted 01/08/06 | 06:57 ]

Saturday, Midday.

From the episode description, it is Episode 1 of Season Two.


4 australians enjoy one tree hill

[ Posted 07/05/06 | 03:01 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys, I just thought I'd share a Peyton Centred fanvid that I made.

The title is "People Always Lie" song "Field of Innosence" by Evanescence.

You can use this link:


this one:

Enjoy :)

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OTH being shown on Fox8! [ Posted 04/04/06 | 15:48 ]

At least SOMEONE is airing One Tree Hill in Australia :-)

Just discovered that Fox8 have started showing it, 7.30pm Saturday nights.

Started last weekend apparently, from the beginning. In other words, this Saturday night will be episode 2 of Season 1.
1 australian enjoy one tree hill

*One Tree Hill Love* [ Posted 30/03/06 | 17:25 ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi all :-)

Three weeks ago I sent a letter to the cast and crew of One Tree Hill, voicing my support for the show (and my EXTREME DISPLEASURE at how it has been treated by Channel 10 here!).

And this arrived for me in the mail today - isn't it pretty :-D

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[ Posted 16/02/06 | 08:34 ]

Hey everyone, sorry if this is not allowed...
tree_hill_high is a new Roleplay Community for One Tree Hill. I just wanted to get the word out so that more people would join! Most Characters are available, even if the character you want is not available please consider joining as another character, who knows maybe the person with your character will be willing to give them to you later or may not be able to keep thier journal!
enjoy one tree hill

Release of Season 1 Boxed Set [ Posted 31/01/06 | 20:51 ]

Just thought I would remind everyone that tomorrow is the release day for the season 1 boxed set in R4 - it was probably available today but I cannot confirm as I didn't get away from work for lunch today :-(

Noticed that the latest Target catalog lists it at $64.95, which is a pretty nice deal as the RRP is $74.95
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Competition to win Season 1 DVD Box Set [ Posted 17/01/06 | 13:02 ]

One of the competitions currently running on the YourTV website is for the One Tree Hill Boxed Set.

You need to be a member to enter though (membership is free).

Direct Link to the Competition

I've never had any luck with the YourTV comps, but you gotta be in it to win it :-)

2 australians enjoy one tree hill

Peyton's Podcasts [ Posted 17/01/06 | 00:04 ]

[ mood | horny ]

I'm just letting those who don't know, (I only found out recently) that you can DL Peyton's Podcasts. I did and they are really cool. Thnks to Peyton I discovered a really cool band called "Stray's Don't Sleep" their song is "For Blue Skies" - You should check it out!!!

Can't wait for the DVDs!!!

6 australians enjoy one tree hill

One Tree Hill [ Posted 16/01/06 | 00:18 ]
[ mood | confused ]

I don't want to scare anyone, but in my local TV guide it has One Tree Hill listed as being on at 12pm tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, ect. on Ten. But the online TV guide has 7th Heaven listed. I don't know which to believe, so I'll have to see tomorrow, just thought I'd mention it and for fans of OTH to keep a look out in the guide either online or in the paper!

(Posted at both tv_australia and aus_oth)

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hey all [ Posted 27/12/05 | 11:33 ]

You might know this already. but One tree hill season one get released in Australia on the first of feb! YAY!
4 australians enjoy one tree hill

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [ Posted 05/12/05 | 22:52 ]

[ mood | sad ]

According to http://www.yourtv.com.au, Ten have dumped One Tree Hill already - "The Human Body" is on in the 6.30pm timeslot.

No air-time information for it on the Channel 10 website anymore either :(

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[ Posted 21/11/05 | 22:52 ]

Hey Everyone !!

Im moving to Perth next year!!! cant wait!! :)

I hope you take the time to enter my challenge site!!
Its for the wonderful JL's...
James Lafferty & Joie Lenz!!

Come enter here here
enjoy one tree hill

[ Posted 11/11/05 | 21:26 ]

hey everyone!

i'm a member of the only active One Tree Hill rpg going right now over at onetreehill_rpg. it's a really active rpg; we have Peyton, Brooke, Haley, Rachel, Nathan, Lucas, Mouth and Chris Keller. we'd like to see Dan, Deb, Karen, Whitey, Tim, Skillz, Bevin, and whoever else you can think of added to the lineup! it might be exciting to explore Keith, Jules, or Andy as well.

if you're intrested, definitely head on over to onetreehill_rpg!


[ Posted 07/07/05 | 17:13 ]
just wondering if anyone has any news on when one tree hill will be comng back to australia, if it will?
this community is dieing.
3 australians enjoy one tree hill

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